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     Grain-It Technologies Inc. uses the factory original process to restore the high quality woodgrain finishes that were used in many classic automobiles. This process adds the warmth and beauty that is often associated with these fine vehicles of the past. This is the same process used by over 65 American auto manufacturers from the late 20s to the early 50s. Using the contoured printing method of woodgraining will assure you the original look you are after.

     What Is Woodgraining?
Woodgraining is a faux finishing technique. A way to make something that is not wood look like wood. Our system is a old system used by many manufacturers from the 1920s until the mid 1950s. With this system you can woodgrain just about anything you can paint. Make a steel security door have the warm look of Mahogany. Make a computer case look like Cherry Wood to match your Cherry desk and office furniture. These tools were developed so everyday people could be hired to work at factories woodgraining the many millions of parts that needed to be done. There was no way the factories could hire that many Artists! So these specialised tools were used.

Woodgraining The Model A Ford
Big Daddy Don Garlits
Woodgraining a 1934 Packard

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