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Woodgrain Restoration Services

       Standard Preparation & Woodgraining Service.
Parts will be bead blasted to bare metal.
Primed with 2k Primer.
Minor pitting filled, and small dings removed.
Basecoat Applied.
Factory Original Woodgraining Applied.
Original Toning process applied.
Then a final clear coat in 2K Clear Urethane
Finally a sanding and buffing once parts are completely dried.
Average Prices. Dash Boards $1,000 – $1,200
Garnish Moldings $250 ea.

      Woodgraining Service Only.
You do your own Prep, bodywork, and priming. We do the Basecoat, Woodgraining, Toning, and Lockdown coat. You do the final Clear Coat and buff.
Average Prices.
Dash Boards $500 – $600
Garnish Moldings $125 ea.


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