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    1. Thank you for your interest. Sorry for the delay in getting back. For a 38 Ford Deluxe they used a straight grain graining plate. Light brown walnut was used for the ink and toner along with our GBC-LB2 for a basecoat. You can see the patterns and color here: All of these items are available on our online store along with a woodgraining kit that is available at a discount.

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  2. I am trying to sort out a Packard woodgrain pattern originality question.

    1) I have a black-brown walnut straight grain (horizontal) original condition dash that was removed from but included with my 1937 Packard 1507 V12 Club Sedan
    2) Every photo reference, whether original condition dash, re-grained dash, b/w factory photos from the era, show a burled “brighter” (more orange in color photos) base tone for 1937 Senior models
    3) However, since the basic dash geometry is nearly identical/interchangeable between 1935, 1936, and 1937 Senior model Packards (Super 8 and V12) I suspect that I received a very excellent condition 1935/1936 dash that someone swapped out back in the 60’s. Literature from 1935/1936 DOES show a horizontal walnut straighter grain as well as some burl grain dashes. It appears that either a) it was a Senior model trim option or b) Packard started with one straight grain style in 1935 and transitioned through 1936 to the burl pattern
    4) This wouldnt be an issue, except that the side wood door mouldings and the windshield/rear-window trim are mahogany with veneer Carpathian Elm reveal/inserts so the dash doesnt quite go with the rest of the interior wood pattern scheme
    5) Please query your staff and their experience and let me know what you have seen on 1935, 1936 and 1937 Packard Senior dashboards in terms of various grain styles, etc
    6) Once I know the pedigree/grain style answers, I am considering selling/swapping this dash for a 1937 burl dash to tune-up or re-grain it to be consistent with the overall trim package, but the original walnut straight grain is in such good original condition that I am reluctant to do anything but sell it to someone with an earlier year as a near original showpiece for their 1935/1936 restoration project

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